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Ballroom and Latin Dance Syllabus Steps

Ballroom and Latin Dance Syllabus Steps.

These are the steps that form the International Ballroom and Latin Dance Syllabus for each dance. Steps in red are linked to a specific page teaching that move. We are only just beginning to add these pages so although the choice is currently limited please visit regularly as we add more moves for more dance styles. Alternatively join our emailing list using the form at the top of the page and we will notify you when new steps and moves are added.

Cha Cha Cha Steps
Bronze Silver Gold
Alemana Aida Advanced Hip Twists
Basic In Place Curl Cross Basic
Basic Step Open Hip Twist Cuban Breaks
Closed Hip Twist Opening Out Of Reverse Top Follow My Leader
Fan Reverse Top Foot Changes
Forward & Backward Runs Ronde Chasse Hip Twist Spirals
Hand to Hand Shoulder To Shoulder Rope Spinning
Hocky Stick Spiral Split Cuban Breaks
Natural Opening Out Movement   Sweetheart
Natural Top   Turkish Towel
New York    
Open Basic    
Shoulder To Shoulder    
Side Step    
Spot Turns    
Three Cha Cha Chas    
Time Steps    
Under Arm Turn (to Left)    
Under Arm Turn (to Right)    
Waltz Steps
Bronze Silver Gold
Back Wisk Closed Telemark Closed Wing
Backward Lock Cross Hesitation Contra Check
Basic Weave Drag Hesitation Fallaway Natural Turn
Chasse from Promenade Position Forward Lock Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot
Closed Impetus Open Impetus Fallaway Wisk
Double Reverse Spin Open Telemark Hover Corte
Hesitation Change Outside Spin Left Wisk
Left Foot Closed Change Turning Lock Running Spin Turn
Natural Spin Turn Weave from Promenade Position Turning Lock to Right
Natural Turn Wing  
Outside Change    
Progressive Chasse to Right    
Reverse Corte    
Reverse Pivot    
Reverse Turn    
Right Foot Closed Change    
Non Syllabus Waltz Steps    
Box Step